On its face, the Warren pick seems like a slap in the face to the progressive gay movement, and I can understand why this group would be incensed. Here you have the first African-American President inviting one of the most high profile supporters of Prop 8 to speak at the inauguration.

And it’s not like Warren needs the spotlight.

However, Democrats should remember the platform Obama ran on during the primaries: unity and change.

And so we have to ask ourselves, what’s the most logical, pragmatic way to make that happen?

Is it…

  1. Keep on playing the same old politics, invite people who only agree with you to the table and expect different results?
  2. OR

  3. Make sincere gestures to groups like the evangelicals via Warren so we can collectively start focusing on worldwide issues like poverty, global warming and the HIV/AIDS epidemic?

And, by the way, Warren is catching grief for this too…so that tells me that both men have something to lose and that shouldn’t be ignored. Because this is the kind of change we can believe in and while I’m absolutely, 100% opposed to Warren’s views on Prop 8, I can still appreciate the work he’s done to change opinions in the evangelical community about the issues I mentioned above.

Let’s hope more progressives do too and cut Obama some slack. Or hell, don’t cut him any slack. Either way, he’ll continue to make decisions that will probably anger the left and make the middle and center right happy. And that’s not necessarily the worst thing in a centrist country.

Politics Why Warren Invocation Is Right Signal For Unity