This time, Condoleezza Rice talks about her time as Secretary of State and Hillary’s future in that position.

Now, let me just say this…if Rice thinks that US is “respected” and “popular” around the world, then she’s just as delusional as Bush and I’m glad to see her go. And comparing us to China and India? Ugh.

Last note, Gregory wasn’t tough at all. He was throwing softballs the entire broadcast and hardly did any followup on Rice’s assertions. Especially when it came to Sudan and Rice said that intervening in a Muslim country in a unilateral way that was that far away didn’t seem to be a realistic option. I almost fell off my sofa when I heard that.

But Gregory just let it go.

In fact, he just kind of wistfully talked about the last 16 years and Rwanda and genocide and regrets. It was frankly a bit embarrassing to watch.

Let’s hope he gets better…quickly.

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