She tried to hold fundraisers to drive down the total, but after Bill’s post-presidency fundraising was revealed recently, I can understand why she put a stop to it and just ate the remaining.

But that doesn’t mean she’s out of the woods yet…

According to fillings with the Federal Election Commission, Mrs. Clinton forgave a total of $13,175,000 in personal funds that she lent to her campaign during the Democratic primary, plus interest.

Even so, Mrs. Clinton still owes millions to vendors, including her former top strategist, Mark Penn. Mr. Penn’s remaining fees represent the single biggest line item on the list of the senator’s unpaid debts, amounting to more than $5.3 million of almost $6.4 million remaining on the books as of the end of November.

The lesson here?

Running for President is an expensive business, but running badly for President is ridiculously expensive.

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