It’s hard to lose an election that isn’t even an election, but it sure does seem like the New York Senate seat is slipping from Caroline Kennedy’s reach.

Her non-campaign campaign has mostly been a series of missteps, and it seems to be alienating the Democratic rank and file.

I’m semi-shocked to see the amount of resistance Caroline’s receiving from within her own party, and even more shocked to see the mainstream media piling it on.  Both The New York Times and Politico have taken her flimsy record to task, while the left wing blogosphere is crying foul over the dynastic nepotism. 

All this organized opposition to her non-candidacy is going to make it difficult for Governor Patterson to appoint her to Hillary’s seat.   Keep in mind, Patterson has his own election to worry about in 2010, and the last thing he needs is a primary challenge from a disgruntled party insider looking for payback.   I still think Patterson wants to pick her, but I also think his political instincts are telling him to find someone more qualified.

Bottom line:  Caroline Kennedy has dug herself into a hole that will be difficult to recover.  As Democratic Congressman Gary Ackerman put it, she’s been Palin-ized by her own handlers by ducking the media and refusing to give interviews.   There’s a growing groundswell against her, and it will only pick up steam with each faux pas.

Here’s my counsel to Caroline (in case she’s a big fan of the blog):  Pull out of the “Patterson sweepstakes”, and declare your candidacy for 2010.  If she really wants to be in the Senate, she should earn it just like everyone else: at the ballot box.  I think she’d win-over disgruntled Democrats, and earn the respect of the electorate for taking the hard road — not the easy one.   But something tells me she won’t do that.

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