Remember Crossfire?

No, not the hacktastic version with Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala/James Carville that was publicly embarrassed by Jon Stewart in 2004 and was subsequently cancelled.

No, I’m talking about the original one with Pat Buchanan, John McLaughlin and Tom Braden. You know, the one that seemed like a genuine debate show. Eventually John McLaughlin went off and created the seminal show The McLaughlin Group which is still on today and is the gold standard as far as debate shows go, but Crossfire sort of started it all off.

Well, I’m finding more and more that Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski is quickly becoming a must watch in the same way Crossfire was and McLaughlin Group is now.

Here’s a clip where Joe and Mika argue both sides of the gay marriage issue with Pat Buchanan and Jonathan Capehart of the Wash Post.

Long story short, Joe and Mika are two of the most honest brokers on TV right now because they’re not afraid to challenge their own assumptions. That’s surprisingly rare right now in the media and I hope they get more credit for it.

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