Caroline Kennedy’s pseudo-campaign has been a blessing for the chattering class (myself included) because it gives us something to ruminate on now that Obama’s cabinet selection is complete and Blago is bunkering down for the long haul.

On an otherwise extremely slow news day, she stole the headlines with her NY1 interview where she dropped a couple of mini bombshells, including that she would not be supporting her close pal Mayor Bloomberg in his re-election effort, and that she would not seek the Senate seat in 2010 should Patterson appoint someone else.

I understand the diss on Bloomberg — it was an absolute political necessity if she is to stand any chance of getting the nod; the Democratic rank and file would have gone into full revolt had she stayed neutral in the mayoral race while seeking to be appointed to the Senate.  Just wasn’t gonna happen, and at least she’s smart enough to know that.  Ironically, it won’t mean one iota to the actual mayoral election … Bloomy is going to win by three touchdowns.

I don’t understand the pledge not to run in 2010, however.  Caroline is trying to show that she’s a loyal Democrat and a team player, but I think it comes off quite the opposite:  She looks even more the dilatant because she’s not willing to roll up her sleeves and earn the seat at the ballot box.  Plus, I think the public wants to see some fire in the belly from her – a little passion and commitment.  What does it say about Caroline Kennedy that she’s only willing to enter the fray if she’s appointed, and that she’s already ruled out the possibility of running for the seat?

A better answer would have been “I’m comitted to serving the people of New York — I have some specific things that I’d like to accomplish — and so I’m not ruling anything out in the future.”  It would keep her options open, and show that’s committed for the long haul.

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