David Alexrod talks about Obama’s economic agenda and Israel’s Tzipi Livini talks about her country’s recent operation in Gaza.

By the way, I think Israel’s move was foolish and will only divide the country further. I’m not sure why people continue to think more violence will end violence, but something is going to have to give in this fight and if Israel wants to be the beacon of Democracy, they can’t keep bombing these places to kingdom come, killling innocent people and hoping that the militants will back down.

In any event…

To the point of national security, here’s something in MTP that exchange John Cole points out between Rich Lowry and Richard Wolffe…

PRES. GEORGE W. BUSH: Here at home we prevented numerous terrorist attacks. We’ll never know how many lives have been saved. But this is for certain, since 9/11, there’s not been another terrorist attack on American soil.

(End videotape)

MR. GREGORY: Richard Wolffe, that cannot be denied.

MR. WOLFFE: Sure. But on American soil is the operative phrase here. There have been many terrorist attacks on foreign soil that are the direct outgrowth of what we’ve seen of, of American foreign policy, to be blunt. And it’s true that terrorism is what is responsible for those attacks, not American foreign policy. But that policy has exacerbated it and has taken the problem elsewhere. So al-Qaeda has, has grown into a multiheaded beast which is now extremely difficult to control. Afghanistan is actually in a weaker situation than it was after the Taliban was overthrown. So, you know, there are–he has a, he has a, a historic record in terms of his response to 9/11, no question. People were looking for leadership, and he filled that vacuum in those very, very troubled moments. But longer term, America is–has, has fundamental problems now that are really being kicked to this new administration. […]

MR. LOWRY: I just want to go back to Richard’s point about the no attacks on U.S. soil. U.S. soil is a big caveat. I mean, that is a key thing. And in our exit interview with President Bush, you’re just struck by the extent to which he was a war president. I mean, that’s what drove him most passionately. And when you talk to him about it, you feel as though he’s just sort of been left behind by the public and by history. And I think that’s because of the very success in preventing another attack on U.S. soil…

MR. WOLFFE: But you can’t…

MR. LOWRY: …which allowed, which allowed the public to move on to, to other issues that they found more urgent.

MR. GREGORY: Mm-hmm.

MR. WOLFFE: You can’t take America’s national security across oceans to other continents and then only care about its impact on American soil. It’s grossly irresponsible.

I think what Richard Wolffe has zeroed in on is one of the biggest problems with the Bush Doctrine, and one that every revisionist hawk would rather ignore. If we take the fight over there, that’s where our security should be judged. And it has been an utter failure.

Yes, Bush deserves credit for no attacks on US soil, but from the cases we’ve seen that have been highlighted in the media, there weren’t any credible attacks planned against us in the first place. So forgive me if not too keen to give Bush any praise in that regard.

Politics Meet The Press For 12/28/08