I’m still not sure why this guy is trying to force his way into the Senate on the back of Blago, but he had to see this one coming.

From CNN:

Robert Baxter says Erickson rejected Burris’ appointment because it does not conform with Rule 2 of the Standing rules of the Senate, which specifically says that the secretary of state must sign the certificate of election along with the governor. The Illinois secretary of state has not signed Burris’ certificate of appointment — only Blagojevich has.

CNN’s Susan Roesgen reports that Burris has filed a motion, a “writ of mandamus,” with the Illinois Supreme Court to force the Illinois secretary of state to sign the certificate. There court has not yet issued a ruling on the issue.

Again, I return to the logic of this. It only hurts Burris and helps Blago. Why would Burris do this?

More as it develops…

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