But only briefly.

Here’s what he said…

“I’m very concerned with the conflict taking place there,” Obama said. “I’m monitoring the situation on a day to day basis.

“The loss of civilian life in Gaza and in Israel is a source of deep concern to me, and after January 20th I’ll have plenty to say about the issue.”

Obama said he was “not backing away at all from what I said during the campaign” and that “starting at the beginning of our administration, we’re going to engage effectively and consistently in trying to resolve the conflict in the Middle East.”

Something tells me he’s setting up a slightly modified stance when it comes to Israel; one where he’ll gently chide our ally for overreaching while strongly condemning Hamas. And that’s a break from our current administration’s stance which was basically to put it all on Hamas’ head.

It reminds me what the folks at J Street said recently…

“Israel has a special place in each of our hearts. But we recognize that neither Israelis nor Palestinians have a monopoly on right or wrong.”

More as it develops…

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