I have little doubt that they would have given a thumbs up to this plan had the political will been there, but this is an interesting juxtaposition to reports that Bush has been wanting to bomb Iran.

From Wash Post:

President Bush last year rejected an Israeli request to provide sophisticated, deep-penetration bombs to attack Iran’s underground nuclear enrichment facilities, Pentagon officials said yesterday.

The administration also rebuffed Israel’s plan to fly through U.S.-controlled Iraqi airspace to reach the Iranian site, officials said. The Israelis had not proposed a specific date for an attack, and it was not clear how far along the planning was when the requests were made, officials said.

The Israeli requests were first reported on the New York Times Web site yesterday. The Times also said that President Bush, seeking to deflect the Israelis and to soften his refusal, told the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that he had authorized a new covert action program to sabotage Iran’s uranium enrichment program. The report quoted U.S. officials as saying that some actions had been taken as part of what it described as an ongoing covert program, but that they had not seriously affected Iranian operations. Israel and the United States and principal European allies have charged that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons program, a charge Tehran has denied.

Personally, I think the last thing we need right now is to give Mahmoud Ahmadinejad something to hammer us with. Because while Israel and neo-cons are convinced that Iran will give nukes to terrorists to use against Israel, I think a more realistic viewpoint is that Iran would be foolish to do so because Israel would nuke them into oblivion.

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