Not sure where you were Saturday night, but if you weren’t at the kick-off concert of the new Listening Room Series at the Admiral Theater in West Seattle, you missed out. Carrie Akre, Stephanie Schneiderman, and Mycle Wastman played a mostly acoustic set of their own material that was simply amazing. This was an exceptional live music experience for me, not only because of the intimacy of the stage and setting, but because the artists took the experience to heart and engaged the audience, and each other, in way that made us all think we were in someone’s living room

Like a songwriter’s circle, each artist took turns introducing and playing a song, accompanying themselves on an acoustic guitar (except for a couple with an electric).  Dinah Brein, who organized and promoted the show, must have been pinching herself when a few audio glitches late in the evening, that could have sent the evening off-track, instead produced one of the best moments: each of the artists simply stepped out in front of the monitors and performed completely unplugged.

Did I mention that tickets were $10? As I sat in the front row with Mycle Wastman singing 5 feet away, there’s no doubt I was getting the greatest deal in the city that night.

Future shows include modern gypsy jazz band Billet-Deux (Jan. 30) and a School of Rock Show tribute to the 1960s pop phenoms, the Monkees (Jan. 31). Don’t miss out.

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