Obama carries over the look and feel of his campaign and the results are light years ahead of White House websites of the past.

Still, Megan McArdle did some digging and she’s a bit frustrated…

Unfortunately, that sleekness has been achieved by tucking even more of that unsightly information out of the way, where it won’t mar the vista.

Why is government IT so awful? It seems like the first thing people are going to want, when they go to the Office of Management and Budget, is, like, to look at the Budget. Yet the budget isn’t even on the OMB servers, apparently–it’s hosted at the GPOaccess site. I have, to be sure, seen private websites that were this awful. But not that many, and the companies that had them usually either redesigned them right quick, or went out of business. Instead the government has preserved all the problems with the old site, added new ones, and given us in exchange . . . a glossy photograph of Barack Obama looking solemn.

I am sure that there is some stupid bureaucratic logic behind putting the budget information elsewhere. But I’m not sure my heart can stand finding out what it is.

Oh, and they also added a blog. But it has no comments. Shocker.

Hopefully we’ll see more ways to interact with the President and his staff in much the same way Change.gov offers.

More as it develops…

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