The blame for this is on both sides.

The House Dems shouldn’t have put in provisions that were easily targeted as appearing to be non-stimulative and the Republicans are being the party of no.

But is this more dangerous for Dems or Repubs?

From WSJ:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has talked often about working toward a new bipartisanship in fractious Washington, and has met frequently with Republicans, hoping to win support.

The net result of all that outreach? Not a single Republican supported Mr. Obama’s economic recovery package on the House floor Wednesday night. It passed 244-188, with 11 Democrats joining the Republicans.

The solid Republican opposition, led by House Minority Leader John Boehner (R., Ohio), raises questions about whether the new era of bipartisanship that Mr. Obama promised during the campaign is truly within reach, or if Washington remains stuck in its acrimonious ways. Most immediately, the vote may mean that Democrats have to make more compromises in the Senate version of the recovery package, which is scheduled for a vote next week.

In the Senate, a vote that falls short of 60 senators supporting a bill allows the opposition to filibuster, or block passage through indefinite debate. But some Republicans are signaling privately that they are reluctant to filibuster the stimulus package, and Senate Democrats appear to be reaching out more aggressively to address GOP concerns on the bill.

Answer? It’s much more dangerous for Repubs to stonewall.

Obama has very publicly set a bi-partisan tone and requested that House Dems take provisions like the mortgage crawdown, family planning dollars and resodding the national lawn out of the bill. They’ve even singled that they’ll take the AMT out when it hits the Senate. So a lot of concessions are being made by Dems, not Repubs.

Still, I understand why they’d do it politically (they think they don’t have anything left to lose?), but if this succeeds then Repubs will be seen as the folks who tried to stop the recovery.

And do know that this will bill will create jobs. Whether it puts us in a better position in the future will most likely be a point of debate, but the amount of spending we’re investing into infrastructure, health care, tax cuts and rebuilding our energy grid will pay dividends. It could also open up the idea of reigning in entitlement spending, which I’m sure Republicans could be all over.

Long story short, House Repubs aren’t seeing the big picture here and I’m guessing that Senate Repubs will save the GOPers from themselves.

More as it develops…

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