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Some new ‘controversy‘ over Google Bombs:

It took four years for Google to address the “Google bomb” that was lobbed at former President Bush.

But it took the Internet behemoth only a few days to defuse the same attack on President Obama.

Four years versus a few days … Some Googlers are asking why.


Google itself said the reason it took only a few days to redirect Obama’s Google bomb was that, this time, it already had the algorithm in place.

Really? You are kidding right? I guess that we should note the source here…

It says within that very article that Google developed the algorithm to correspond to “Google bombs” in 2007. So, now when Obama (or anyone else for that matter) gets ‘bombed’, they already have a response in place. It’s not that they react more quickly to Democrats, it’s that they now have the technology to react more quickly in all instances.

Look, I have no doubt that a large chunk of Google’s employees are liberals — the company is based in California after all — but to suggest that the company was somehow trashing Bush and saving face with Obama is absurd. They are a company that wants to make money, and offending people of a certain political persuasion is not a good way to make a buck.

That would simply be bad business and let’s face it — Google does not do bad business.

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