Yes, GOPers are getting economic advice from a guy who lied about buying a business on the campaign trail and agreed that voting for Obama would result in the death of Israel. And I’m not even going to get into his little jaunt over to Gaza.

From Politico:

Fresh off his stint as a war correspondent in Gaza, Joe the Plumber is now doing political strategy with Republicans.

When GOP congressional aides gather Tuesday morning for a meeting of the Conservative Working Group, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher — more commonly known as Joe the Plumber — will be their featured guest. This group is an organization of conservative Capitol Hill staffers who meet regularly to chart GOP strategy for the week.

Wurzelbacher, who became a household name during the presidential election, will be focusing his talk on the proposed stimulus package.

Gee, I wonder what he’ll be saying…

He’s apparently not a fan of the economic rescue package, according to members of the group.

But I guess this ties into a recent poll that revealed a majority of Republicans want their party to be more like Sarah Palin.

In other words, folksy opinion is better than fact.

There are no words…

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