Maybe you think their claims are overblown, but something tells me that they wouldn’t be spending political capital if they didn’t really need the money.

Because we’re talking about unemployment that’s approaching the double digits in bigger states like California and Florida and unemployment numbers (which is the better gauge of how folks are doing) already in the double digits in most states.

Here’s Florida governor Charlie Crist putting his neck out there and taking the middle road.

Note Crist said, “This is about jobs, jobs, jobs.”

Listen, everybody knows that Crist could be a GOP prez candidate in 2012 and yet he’s arguing for the plan. It’s really easy for Mitt Romney to draft his own legislation since he’s out of the state house and doesn’t have anybody to answer to.

Make of this what you will, but I’m seeing people who know how bad things are in their states and they’re not afraid to argue for what they think is right.

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