Reports indicate the Senate has reached a tentative deal on the stimulus package. The deal will likely require Senator Ted Kennedy’s vote, who has not been in Washington since suffering a seizure on inauguration day. No word on which Republican senators may be crossing party lines but that will likely be revealed soon.

As of yet, there are no specifics on the deal, but it’s reported to be a $780 billion plan. That’s $157 billion less than the bill passed by the House. I’m glad to see some of the fat has been trimmed. I know it’s foolish to think no unnecessary money will be spent by a plan this large, but I consider a $157 billion savings to be a small moral victory for those of us who’ve worried the plan was becoming more pork-barrel than economic stimulus.

If this deal does go through, it’s a big victory for President Obama. Not so much for the new bipartisan spirit thing.

More details as they become available.

Business Deal Reportedly Reached on Stimulus Bill