2009_0209_flickr_stormy_daniels_0I almost feel bad for the guy. First, he gets caught up in the whole D.C. Madam scandal. Ouch.

Now, with that behind him, he starts to prepare for his 2010 Senate re-election run. Cue the comically ironic porn-star:

This year, an ad appeared on Craigslist seeking “a female in some aspect of the adult-entertainment industry” to run against Vitter. Soon after, a website “drafting” porn actress Stormy Daniels to oppose Vitter sprouted up. Part publicity stunt, part political psy-ops tactic, the Draft Stormy initiative has already forced Vitter’s scandalous past back into the limelight. The Louisiana Democratic Party denied any involvement in creating the website, but it is not complaining about Daniels’ involvement in the race.

While traveling through Arizona last week, I learned that Daniels would be performing at a Phoenix strip club. I tracked the adult-video starlet down at her hotel and filmed the first interview with her since the Draft Stormy initiative began. During our exclusive interview, Daniels homed in on what she called Vitter’s hypocrisy, declaring her intention to make his contradictory behavior the centerpiece of her campaign.

Hit the link for the video interview.

As I said, I almost feel bad for Vitter.  How is he going to put that scandal behind him if he’s running against someone who continuously brings it up — and is in the adult film industry?

If the ‘Draft Stormy‘ movement (is it a movement?) catches on, Vitter’s re-election race could be will be extremely entertaining to watch.

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