Presented here in its entirety.

So far, all I’ve been seeing are high marks for Obama’s performance. I thought he tended to be a bit long winded in places, but I don’t think many Americans will be complaining about that after 8 years of a lot of simplistic hyperbole. I know I’m certainly not.

However, the thing that I noticed the most is how the President argued vigorously that this is not something that he wants to do, it’s something that he has to do. And no doubt you’ll see that same theme come up if the money doesn’t work as fast as his administration had hoped. Especially with the double dip financial fix that Geitner has proposed today.

See, House Republicans seem to think that nothing needs to be done and the whole thing can fix itself, so there’s no doubt they’ll run on that idea in 2010 regardless of whether or not it has turned out to be true. But now that Obama has been pretty much forced to gamble his presidency on an issue that wasn’t of his choosing, you can be sure that you will hear over and over and over and over again how he inherited this problem and that not taking action wasn’t an option. Because even Senate Repubs had stimulus bills on the table. They realized that their Congressional counterparts aren’t being realistic. So that’s opened up a chance for Obama to make an pretty effective case about philosophical differences about how to spend, but not differences about having to spend.

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