don-williamsonFlint’s mayor, Donald Williamson, faces a recall on February 24. However, he will not have to worry about that election now. On Monday, Williamson announced his resignation.

Chased from office by the recall?

Not according to Williamson. He is quitting for health reasons. His doctor said he needs six to eight months of rest to recuperate from kidney stones and sinus infections.

Williamson’s opponents sought to recall him because they claim he mismanaged city funds and misrepresented the city’s financial health by millions of dollars. Flint went from a $6.4 million surplus in 2006-2007 to an $8.3 million deficit in 2007-2008.

So that’s the end of Williamson, right?

Again, not according to Williamson. He announced he was a candidate for governor last year. Despite resigning as mayor of Flint, he still plans on running for governor, after his six to eight months recuperation.

As a city councilwoman said, “He’s delirious. He never ceases to amaze me.”


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