This is rich…

After dismissing calls for the Bush email system to be more accountable, Rep. Darrell Issa of California is demanding that the Obama administration report back to him in two weeks about how they plan on archiving and saving emails they had to send via Gmail because the Bush system kept breaking down.

From CNN:

A California Republican congressman has called on President Obama to put in place a system that ensures all White House emails be preserved even if official business was done through private e- mail accounts.

Rep. Darrell Issa, the senior Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, made the request in a February 19 letter to White House Counsel Greg Craig.

Issa specifically mentioned the new administration’s brief use of Gmail accounts after Obama was sworn in last month, as they waited for the official White House e-mail accounts to become active.

“As you know, any e-mail sent or received by White House officials may be subject to retention under the Presidential Records Act (PRA),” Issa wrote Craig in the letter.

“The use of personal e-mail accounts, such as Gmail to conduct official business raises the prospect that presidential records will not be captured by the White House e-mail archiving system. Consequently Gmail users on the President’s staff run the risk of incorrectly classifying their e-mails as non-records under the [Presidential Records] Act.”

Now, let’s remember that the Clinton administration actually had a way to archive in place, but the Bush team dismantled it and replaced it with, well, nothing. So for Issa to demand this now is extremely hacky.

On a semi-related note, who wants to bet that Issa doesn’t approve of Senator Leahy’s truth commission?

Technology Republican Demands Obama Email Accountability?