republicanpartyThe California Republican Party is in a sad state of disarray.

After formulating a budget compromise with Democrats and a handful of dissident Republicans, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger skipped the party’s state convention in Sacramento and headed to a Governor’s conference in Washington, D.C.

Undoubtedly, that was a wise move on his part. Schwarzenegger is going to be termed out of office so he does not need Republican support next year. Many of the GOP’s party faithful have had it with Schwarzenegger, anyway. They feel he has betrayed his campaign promises and Republican principles by supporting a tax increase.

Yet, even in the extraordinary times facing California, Schwarzenegger maintains close to a 50% approval rating, suggesting that independents and Democrats make up a considerable portion of his base.

One delegate at the convention, fed up with Schwarzenegger, even circulated a petition apologizing for the recall of former Governor Gray Davis.

“Therefore, be it resolved that the California Republican Party officially extends a heartfelt and sincere apology to former Governor Gray Davis for its role in recalling him from office.”

The Republican Party rejected the apology, but that it was even considered is noteworthy.

The fate of the six dissident Republicans, who broke party ranks to support the budget compromise, remains unclear. Many want to punish them, further alienating the party from most California voters. A few others, such as State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner realize there are more important things to do.

“The California Republican Party is in trouble. We have to do some serious rebuilding,” Poizner said.


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