Veritocracy is a new social news recommendation site that I’ve been trying out behind the scenes for a couple months and now you have the opportunity to try it before it launches.

My contact over there explains it better than I so check this out and if you have any interest to use the technology before it launches, I’ll have that information after this blockquote:

Veri helps you get a better picture of the topics and news stories you really care about, and share your own opinion as well. Veri does this on a personalized basis, by finding the best articles from the mainstream media, readers, and the blogosphere (including from Donklephant!) – specifically for you. So if you’re non-partisan, instead of getting only a slice of information, you really get a full and unbiased picture of each story you read about.

You just read and vote for the articles you liked seeing, and Veri automatically does the rest. It’s a way to cut through the noise and get right to the things you want to read about. And if you ever have a better perspective on any topic, you can always submit your own.

And here’s a quick screenshot of the easy-to-use interface.


If you’d like to check it out right now go to, enter in the code “Donklephant” into the “Have An Invite?” section. They’ve set aside 200 invites for our readers, so sign up before they run out.

And then report back here about what you think about it. I’m sure they’d be extremely interested in your feedback.

Technology A Special Offer For Donklephant Readers: Veritocracy