With Jindal’s epic fail already in the rear view and Palin’s relevancy quickly fading, the GOP will be looking for the standard bearer for 2012. And guess who’s at the front of the pack?

From Politico:

While others may be indecisive or distracted, he’s already, quietly, clearly focused on solidifying his position inside the party, backing House Republicans through his PAC and appearing at CPAC this week.

And he has a crucial advantage over almost all the other Republican candidates who are mentioned: He’s not in office, and doesn’t have to spend the next two years (at least) raising taxes, cutting services, and/or borrowing huge sums. He’s free to articulate a clear voice of opposiiton, and to position himself to play the role of the turnaround specialist if he can make the case that Obama hasn’t delivered.

All that’s true, but Romney needs to be proposing bold new ideas beyond tax cuts. Because if he doesn’t, if he simply tells the party faithful what they want to hear, he may very well get the nomination, but he’ll be set up for failure in 2012.

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