Chuck Todd does that voodoo that he does so well…

To paraphrase Dickens, the last six weeks have been the best of times for Obama and the Democrats, and the worst of times for the Republicans.

Just consider the latest findings from our NBC/WSJ poll: Obama’s favorability rating is at 68% (an all-time high in our survey), 67% say they feel more hopeful about his leadership, 60% approve of his job in the White House, and 49% have a positive view of the Democratic Party (which is also near a high).

On the other hand, just 26% view the GOP positively (an all-time low in the poll), respondents blame Bush and congressional Republicans for most of the partisanship in DC, 56% think the GOP’s opposition to Obama is based on politics, and Republicans lose by nearly 30 percentage points on the question about which party would do a better job of leading the country out of recession.

While we have covered all the new administration’s ups and downs, it is absolutely clear which party has suffered the most in public opinion these first six weeks: the GOP. NBC/WSJ co-pollster Peter Hart (D) says Republicans “have been tone deaf to the results of the 2008 election… They never heard the message. They continue to preach the old-time religion.” Adds co-pollster Bill McInturff (R), “These are difficult and problematic numbers.”

What’s make me scratch my head is how many in the chattering class don’t get this either.

Yes, I know you have your principles, but a colleague of mine recently told me that he puts principles above outcomes, and I’m sorry…but I just don’t get that.

Americans didn’t vote for the tax cut philosophy. And Obama’s delivering.

Also, you don’t get elected leader of the free world by nearly 10 million votes to then have the opposition party define how your policies will be shaped. Still, the stimulus bill was cut by almost $200B because of concessions he made to moderate Republicans in the Senate. So they did work with their colleagues to find a compromise. And the folks who didn’t work with them were calling for something half the size and mostly comprised of tax cuts (as mentioned earlier, that’s an electoral non-starter).

So for my fellow friends/bloggers to so quickly judge Obama as having failed on trying to change Washington because he hasn’t adopted Republican’s “Let’s Cut Taxes!” ideas is a shaky stance at best. It’s excruciatingly easy to stand back, fold your arms and say, “See! See! More of the same!” without really appreciating the critical situation we’re in or the results of the last election.

I leave you to it…

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