That’s one of the questions a recent NBC/WSJ asked voters and the results show that they know Obama inherited a massive mess and they’re more than willing to be patient with the new guy.

Nate Silver pulls some data

What we find is that roughly 50% of voters think Obama will own the economy in about 18 months. So, if you believe these numbers will hold steady and Americans will remain patient, public sentiment will most likely shift against Obama by September 2010.

But that’s where the economists’ projections come in, because they have a much rosier view on when the recession will end…

Of course a number of different things could happen between now and then so the regular caveats apply, but if these projections hold up it’s good news for the White House and Dems because they’ll be well positioned to make the case that they helped pull us back from the brink before the 2010 midterms.

The question I have for those opposed to Obama’s current plans…if the US does pull out of this recession by then and have GDP growth, what will your response be? Because while I understand you have your principles and you may not agree with the mechanisms that brought about the recovery, will you give credit where credit’s due?

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