I heard O’Reilly describe it as “boring” and even Anderson Cooper talked about people falling asleep.

And then, of course the grandaddy hack of them all has this to say…

I’m sorry, but when was it the media’s job to decide whether or not a Presidential press conference was exciting?

And, by the way, when has a Presidential press conference ever been exciting? The only time I can honestly think of one that came remotely close in recent memory was when a reporter backed Bush into a corner on torture and it started to get heated. Oh, and of course there were the Clinton/Lewinsky briefers. Still, this idea of exciting/boring is just plain odd.

Listen, Obama laid out an agenda, took about a dozen questions and then called it a night after about an hour. And while I suppose some would have him apologize because the presser didn’t have as many twists and turns as CSI: Miami, I welcome some sober, nuanced assessments as opposed to vague, flashy platitudes. After all, wasn’t that the knock against Obama? All style and no substance?

Maybe they still feel burned by the Bushies and want to hit Obama particularly hard to make up for their lack of curiosity in the last 8 years, but is this really what they’re going to lob at this guy? That he’s boring?


Politics Media Reacts To Obama Speech With Yawns