Population, this guy:

Remember, it’s only been 64 days – 64 days – he’s been in office. Think about that for second. How much worse is it going to get over the next three-and-five-sixths years?

We are going to be lucky to survive this despotic regime that’s determined to turn America into Zimbabwe (economic basket case), Cuba (communism), and North Korea (cult-like blind worship of “Dear Leader”) rolled into one.

Our government – the House, the Senate and the Presidency – is out of control like never before. They have nothing but contempt for those over whom they wish to rule, and when challenged, their first instinct is to recklessly wield the vast, illegitimate power they have to squash people like insects.

They are despicable, unconscionable, and very, very dangerous. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Look, I get it: there are lots of people out there who don’t like President Obama — or the government in general. Despite my vote last fall, and my continued support of our new President, I have my doubts as well. After all, when has government performed in a perfect fashion?

But, to use phrases like ‘despotic regime’ and ‘contempt for those over whom they wish to rule’ is simply irresponsible. ‘They wish to rule?’ Geez.

The main reason that I continue to support the Obama administration is not because I subscribe to the idea that government is the medicine that cures the ails of our nation. I do it because right now, I’m afraid that there is little else to be done. I’ve argued before (as has the esteemed Mr. Gardner) that if we sit idly by and let the markets run their course, we would be worse off than if the government steps-in and intervenes.

I do not fear Barack Obama, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi attempting to ‘squash me like an insect’. I do fear a total and complete collapse of our economic and political systems, and the overwhelming anarchy that would ensue were we to do nothing.

So chill out all ye doomsday-preparers (‘prepare yourselves accordingly’? What does that mean anyway?), I think that, while government is not the answer to most problems, it is the answer to this problem.

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