The site got some meat on it a couple days ago, and here’s what you can expect to find there right now.

  • A map that details the local impact of the Capital Purchase Program, which is basically the “Don’t Let Banks Fail” program. Some states, like Missouri, haven’t received any money because our banks are sound. Other states, like New York, have received over $80 billion.
  • The Road To Stability Plan that details exactly what the administration plans to do with housing, toxic assets, bad banks, consumer lending and small business.
  • A “decoder” or glossary of terms about the financial rescue plans that may not seem obvious on first glance.
  • A link to the Making Home Affordable site that let’s you fill in some information to see if you’d qualify to get your home refinanced or loan modified.

All in all it’s a good start, and like, I’m sure it’ll contain more details. After all, now has links to nearly every single state’s “Recovery” page and how the money is being spent. Here’s Missouri’s line by line distribution of the funds they’ve received so far. In fact, only North Dakota, South Dakota and South Carolina don’t have links to recovery pages yet, and that’s certainly not the federal government’s fault.

More as it develops…

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