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GOP’s Budget Projections Extend To 2080?


Anybody see the Republican budget today? Well, here it is, but it’s seriously stretching credibility to call it a budget. This is much more of an outline of some of their core ideas that will be included in a budget. And sure, it’s much more involved than the document they provided last week, but it’s still very thin.

However, what stands out in particular is yet another scare tactic…

So how did they arrive at a projection that extends to 2080?

Honestly, I have no idea since this is the graph the CBO put together that extends to 2019…

And when you search “cbo’s long-term alternative fiscal scenario” in Google there are no real results to speak of that show an additional 70 year projection. Seriously, how are the extending that line from 2019 to 2080?

Yet again, it appears as if Republicans are cutting their credibility out from under them by substituting fear for facts. And I don’t know if they realize it or not, but voters roundly rejected the politics of fear last year.

More as it develops…