I thought his moderate conservative credentials were a sign that he’d provide some good leadership within the party, but he’s floundering…big time.

Take the latest advice from the GOP chairman….

Speaking at a Republican fundraiser in Maryland Tuesday night, Steele said the GOP needs to emulate him and be “unconventional, unpredictable…to do from time to time the unexpected,” according to the Baltimore Sun. […]

Steele acknowledged Tuesday that he has managed to “tick off” some within the party, but brushed off that criticism.

“Someone told me this whole chairmanship thing would be a cakewalk,” he joked.

At first I had some sympathy for him because he was trying to move Republicans in a much needed moderate direction, but now it’s obvious he’s simply not up for the job. There’s no leadership here, only one mistake after another And now he’s offering this as strategic advice to the GOP in what seems to be an attempt to cover his own mistakes?

I’m filing this post under the not-often-used “Boy Was I Wrong” category. And as much as it pains me to say the following, because I do think Republicans need to wake up to the reality that is our current socio-economic climate, the GOP needs to run far away from this guy if they want to maintain any sort of credibility.

Moving on…

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