I think I’ve said this before, but the Republicans definitely run the risk of being fractured between the social and the fiscal conservatives. Because call him whatever you like, but Bush was not a fiscal conservative. And there are A LOT of fiscally conservative folks who really despise the less tolerant aspects of social conservatism.

Now Newt is weighing in on the obvious split and since I’m moderately cynical…I think he’s starting to lay the groundwork for a 3rd party run.

From CNN:

“If the Republicans can’t break out of being the right wing party of big government, then I think you would see a third party movement in 2012,” Gingrich said Tuesday. The speech, to a group of students at the College of the Ozarks in Missouri, was recorded by Springfield TV station KY3.

But Gingrich, bemoaning President Barack Obama’s “monstrosity of a budget,” acknowledged that Republicans are partially to blame for the escalation in federal spending.

“Remember, everything Obama’s doing, Bush started last year,” he said. “If you’re going to talk about big spending, the mistakes of the Bush administration last year are fully as bad as the mistakes of Obama’s first two, three months.”

Want more proof that Gingrich is thinking 3rd party? His American Solutions group is starting to get its hooks into the “Tea Party” movement.

Long story short, Newt knows a movement when he sees it and if there’s a chance he could use it to raise his profile, well, all the better.

More as it develops…

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