It just keeps going and going and going and…

However, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. The Minnesota Supreme Court dealt Coleman’s chances a pretty big blow a couple days ago when they said that only a handful of absentee ballots would be reevaluated. And this is shaping up to put the Republican Governor of the state in a bit of an awkward position.

From Politico:

Franken won big Tuesday when a three-judge panel allowed the review of no more than 400 absentee ballots in a race he currently leads by 225 votes. Coleman’s camp says an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court is coming; once that’s done, the dispute lands in Pawlenty’s lap.

If Franken’s ahead at that point, Pawlenty will have a choice: sign the election certificate that will allow Democrats to seat Franken in the Senate or play to the Republicans whose support he’d need in 2012 by withholding the certificate while Coleman challenges the election in the federal court system.

“The Republican Party nationally and in Minnesota is playing not just with fire, but with dynamite,” said Rep. James L. Oberstar, a Democrat and the dean of Minnesota’s congressional delegation. […]

If Pawlenty and the Republicans push it further, he says, “this thing is going to blow up in their face.”

To his credit, Pawlenty has never said he’ll do anything but go with the court’s decision, but at what point do you call it a day? At what point does Minnesota need a representative in the Senate instead of letting a political opponent drag this thing on endlessly through the courts? I’ve long contended that they should just hold another election and go with those results instead, but that’s not going to happen at this point and allowing Coleman to make appeal after appeal isn’t politically tenable either, is it?

More as it develops…

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