(Note: For those of you who use Twitter, there’s a thing called “re-tweeting” which basically involves taking somebody’s tweet, putting an “RT” in front of it and then publishing it as your own. The effect is you’re reproducing somebody else’s content, but giving them props for writing something interesting. Understanding this practice is key to figuring out what’s going on in the following story.)

So then, it looks as if the founder of Daily Kos and one of its contributors has gone WAY over the line when it comes to tying conservatives to a recent shooting in Pittsburgh.

Tommy Christopher of Political Machine took this screencap of the tweeting and re-tweeting that went on…

Christopher’s reaction…

When I saw his re-Tweet, I was stunned, and I hadn’t even heard about the Pittsburgh shooting yet. I thought he was talking about the shooting in Binghamton. When I looked back at Houle’s Tweet, and I found the story of the three policemen who were killed yesterday, I could not believe my eyes. As you can see, I tried to get Markos to explain his re-Tweet, unable to believe that these two would be joking about this at all, let alone hours after the tragedy. […]

Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I think this is shameful. This is the kind of thing I would probably delete at Political Machine. I don’t even see the humor in it, even setting aside the heartless ghoulishness involved.

More broadly, I’m starting to feel like a lot of the liberal blogosphere is forgetting what it means to be a liberal, or maybe I’m using the wrong word. After 8 years of mortal kombat with the right, we’ve swung too far, become too belligerent.

I stopped reading Daily Kos a long time ago because I got sick of the constant, divisive rhetoric that clogged every post, and such is the reason why a blog like ours exists. But taking it to the next level and using the broad brush to say that conservatives are cop killers is beyond the pale. And the Cheney joke was in extremely poor taste.

In other words, dumb knows no party and we’re provided examples of that every single day.

I wrote a post earlier today about this very thing, cautioning top right wing voices from throwing out irresponsible conspiracy theories lest it poison the debate. Does it surprise me that the left has equally irresponsible voices? Of course not. Conflict sells on blogs and nobody knows that better than a guy like Markos. But hopefully people will start growing tired of it and stop reading them altogether.

Seems unlikely, but a guy can hope.

(h/t: Captain Ed)

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