Greetings Donklephant readers.

Many moons ago at Debatewise HQ we came across Donklephant and the following message…

Tired of the rhetoric, bomb-throwing and partisan hackery? Here we offer a respectful, honest forum for people who want to have a conversation about politics, the world and beyond.

…and we sat up and paid attention.

Like Donklephant, at our aim is to provide people with a place where they can read opinions on issues without having to wade through the profanities, vitriol and shameless flaming that often abound in forums. We compile arguments for and against topical issues, in a way that is easy to understand.

As our sites have such a common ethos it seemed a logical step to see if we could collaborate. From now on we’ll be posting blog entries based on the debates on our site, which we hope will provide interesting reading. You might even be inspired to take part in a debate yourself so we’ll put a link for Donklephant readers to nip over and write their opinions.

We’re looking forward to the chance to blog about all our current affairs debates so watch this space!

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