I think we can all agree that the die is cast on social safety nets. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find the most cost effective ways to implement them.

So when I read the following story in the NY Times about states slashing money for these programs, I just shook my head…especially since doing so will end up costing us more money in the long run.


Perhaps nowhere have the cuts been more disruptive than in Arizona, where more than 1,000 frail elderly people are struggling without home-care aides to help with bathing, housekeeping and trips to the doctor. Officials acknowledge that some are apt to become sicker or fall, ending up in nursing homes at a far higher cost.

Ohio and other states face large cutbacks in child welfare investigations, which may mean more injured children and more taken into foster care. Despite tax increases, California has ended dental coverage for adults on Medicaid, all but guaranteeing future medical problems.

“There’s no question that we’re getting short-term savings that will result in greater long-term human and financial costs,” said Linda J. Blessing, interim chief of the Arizona Department of Economic Security, expressing the concerns of officials and community agencies around the country. “There are no good options, just less bad options.”

And so…get ready…this is why state tax rates need to be raised across the board. Yes, not just on the wealthiest, but all of us who can afford it.

The reason is obvious…if we don’t we’ll all end up paying more in the long run anyway. Think of it like a leak in your sink. Fix it early and the floor underneath won’t be damaged. Well, we had that chance a long time ago, but it didn’t happen. And now the floor is close to being rotten.

So yes, there will be some pain and it’ll take a while to fix. But we have to do something about it immediately or risk having the whole floor give way underneath us.

How or why we don’t understand this is beyond me, but this country’s ability to be willfully ignorant is something that never ceases to surprise me. Because already people are talking about healthcare reform with words like “tyranny” and other such nonsense. I mean, making sure everybody has access to health care and other social safety nets is tyrannical? Really? REALLY???

Moving on…

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