Quite a nice surprise on this holiday weekend.

From ABC:

A senior US official tells me that President Barack Obama approved a recommendation by Defense Secretary Bob Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Michael Mullen to dispatch special forces to the US scene on Friday.

These special forces were authorized to take action “in extremis” against the Somali pirates holding Maersk Captain Richard Phillips, 53, hostage on a motorized lifeboat off the coast of Somalia.

So how did it all happen?

You won’t believe it…

A senior official tells me that when the fourth Somali pirate was on the Bainbridge ship, Phillips moved to side of the lifeboat to relieve himself.

At that point, U.S. special forces saw their opportunity and took other three pirates out.

And that will be the luckiest leak that Captain will ever take.

One US official suggested that this could make one hell of a movie, but what kind of action film culminates in somebody taking a piss off the side of a boat?

Maybe it’ll be a funny action film. 🙂

Politics Special Forces Free American Captain, Kill 3 Somali Pirates