Andrew Sullivan highlights a reader’s recounting of Easter weekend with his far-right family.

From Daily Dish…

1. Total insulation from MSM
Everyone refuses to read the New York Times or Washington Post. Sunday morning while getting ready for Church I put on “Meet the Press” and my father looked on with disgust and changed the channel to Fox News. At dinner I brought up an article in The Economist that was critical of Barack Obama and my uncle said that it was a socialist rag.

2. Distrust of centrists
When discussing the future of the Republican party I suggested that we needed to create a bigger tent and avoid social issues that alienated us from younger voters. My GRANDMOTHER responded that we don’t need the back benchers like Christopher Buckley dictating our principles. I think that line was straight from the Mark Levin show.

3. Neoconservative aspirations
The most interesting part of the day, was that so much of the discussion focused on the Somali Pirate issue. It was the story of the day, but I didn’t think their was that much to talk about. Surely, not as interesting as talking about Iran, Obama’s budget, the economy etc. However we spent most of the day discussing Obama’s lackluster response to the issue and the weakness he displayed in not acting quicker. My father was incensed that the media kept referring to this as a crime rather then an act of terrorism. His suggestion was to engage in a land war in Somalia…

No doubt that such families exist on the left, but one can’t help but think that with Obama in the White House those voices have been quelled for the time being.

But on the right, where Fox News constantly promotes these Tea Parties and calls for an uprising, does anybody think that these folks will genuinely get Republicans back into the White House?

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