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Tea Parties Draw 250,000+ Across The Country


Nate Silver compiles the numbers and makes a pretty good educated guess…as he often does…

based on news accounts of 306 “Tea Party” protests in different cities across the country yesterday, I get a cumulative attendance of 262,025, with a fair number of (probably mostly smaller) events still unaccounted for.

These figures, wherever possible, are drawn from objective attempts to estimate crowd sizes, such as police accounts or estimates made by reporters. Organizers of these events have strong incentives to exaggerate crowd sizes. Participants in them may have some of the same incentives, and it is notoriously difficult for people to accurately estimate crowd sizes once attendance has reached more than a few dozen individuals.

And the top 10 Tea Parties?

Atlanta, GA – 7,000
Denver, CO – 5,000
Phoenix, AZ – 5,000
Madison, WI – 5,000
Bossier City, LA – 5,000
San Antonio, TX – 4,500
Olympia, WA – 4,500
Lansing, MI – 4,500
Jacksonville, FL – 4,500
Oklahoma City, OK – 4,500

Again, congrats to all of you who exercised your right to protest yesterday. It felt good, didn’t it? Not treasonous at all, right? Just remember that the next time you see somebody protesting against decisions you agree with.

Also, I hope you enjoy coming out on a weekly basis from now until you’ve changed things. Because that’s what it’ll take. In other words, don’t let Fox News and Freedom Works lull you into a false sense of “one and done.”