Can he get away with commentary like this?

Let’s hope so…

Listen, I’ve never been a fan of Rivera’s, but he brings up an important basis of comparison when talking about Tea Parties and media coverage.

Basically, Fox News is “wondering” why other news orgs didn’t cover the Tea Parties as much as they did, but we have to take into account that these protests were miniscule when compared with the immigration efforts during the same time in 2007. And the media covered those demonstrations a grand total of one day…including Fox News.

In short, Fox can hyperventilate as much as they want about the lack of media coverage for the events they promoted, but it only serves to paint them in increasingly partisan hues.

And, again, I wish they hadn’t been so behind them. I wish Freedom Works hadn’t helped organize and bankroll them. Because then we’d get a true view of what Americans might really be angry about. Protests are an inherently good thing because they highlight anger directed at the government. But we’ll never know based on one day and the media coverage surrounding it.

More as it develops…

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