[…] imagine if an American operative out of uniform were captured by the Iranians tomorrow. Imagine he were put into a coffin for hours with no light and barely enough air to breathe, imagine if he were then removed and smashed against a plywood wall by a towel tied around his neck thirty times, imagine if he were then kept awake for eleven days in a row, then kept in a cell frozen to hypothermia levels, and then waterboarded multiple times, after which he confessed to being a spy trying to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. Would you believe that intelligence?
– Andrew Sullivan comparing what we did…with what could possibly be

And that’s the question…would this be acceptable for you?

Yes, I know we’re right and they’re wrong, but stop for a moment, take off the partisan shades and consider the question. Because when we legally condone clearly despicable actions, what do you think the fallout will be?

The predicament then becomes a question of whether or not we do what we think is right given the situation. But can’t anything be justified given certain circumstances?

To put it another way, this isn’t a TV show, we’re not facing a ticking clock and to all those who say that Obama’s decision to release the torture memos made us weaker…I say that torturing detainees puts us in a precarious position because we’re adopting the cowardly tactics of our enemies. And since that leads to less freedoms, our credibility suffers as a result.

Does that seem like an intelligent decision to you?


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