Note to the left…it’s not enough to simply call out the right on their hypocrisy.

Janeane Garofalo…

(UPDATE: Apparently the first video was taken down. In it Garofalo argued that the tea partiers were racist, and it was mixed with a clip from 2003 where she said that ALL dissent was patriotic. So that was obviously a case of intellectual dishonesty. However, now I’m simply going to embed the clip from last week where she talked about the protestors being racist. That’s damning enough.)

Stephanie Miller…

This morning, I listened to about 10 minutes of the Stephanie Miller Show on Air America as I ran out to get a coffee.

During the mind-numbingly inane banter (Miller’s show makes Fox & Friends sound like the Oxford Union Debating Society), Miller and her sidekicks started talking about a sign at one of the tea party protests that apparently said, “Don’t Tax Me, Bro.”

Okay. Not very funny. But Miller’s take?

“Isn’t ‘Bro’ pretty clearly a slang reference to African-Americans?”

Miller’s sidekick: “Yeah, it’s pretty thinly-veiled racism.”

Ed Schultz…

Schultz actually said that Fox News anchors were secretly hoping for shots to be fired, for government officials to be killed, and for an ensuing violent overthrow of the government. He strongly implied that tea party organizers want Obama to be assassinated. He equated Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s statement in support of the 10th Amendment this week as akin to support for a bloody revolution.

This guy isn’t fringe, either. DCCC chairman and Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen was one of Schultz’s guests today. Schultz also has an evening show on MSNBC, where Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs will be his guest tonight.

There’s no doubt that there was a fair amount of unreasonable anti-Obama sentiment on display last week, but to see folks like Garofalo, Miller and Schultz paint tea party participants with such a broad brush is simply indefensible.

And shame on those in the left wing media who don’t call out their counterparts when they spread nonsense like this.

The video from above is back up…

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning…

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