I’ve already seen many scoff at Obama’s pledge to go line by line through the budget, but aren’t those the same people who are calling for less government spending?

It would be heartening to see the following moves applauded instead of ridiculed, especially since all we hear from the right wing these days is how wasteful Washington is.

Here are some of the savings already found…

—The Department of Veterans Affairs has cancelled or delayed 26 conferences, saving nearly $17.8 million. The department will be using less expensive alternatives, like video conferencing.

—The U.S. Department of Agriculture is working to combine 1,500 employees from seven office locations into a single facility in 2011, saving $62 million over a 15-year lease term.

—The Department of Homeland Security estimates that it can save up to $52 million over five years just by purchasing office supplies in bulk.

Yes, I know that the big money programs are what most of the debate is over, but reform in that arena is going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort.

So let’s celebrate those things we can change immediately as a sign that things are progressing towards a reality where we all want them to go, yes?

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