Well, at least it’s not “no.”

Here’s the commercial…

Catch the image of the Pentagon burning on 9/11/2001?

Note the meeting with the Congressional Hispanic caucus and Obama’s handshake were really close together?

Well, so did everybody, and they’re speaking out.

Here’s what Republican leaders say:

House Minority Leader John Boehner defended the video today, saying it was perfectly fair game.

“What is the overarching strategy?” Boehner asked. “I’m trying to push the administration to describe what their overarching strategy is.”

And Boehner spokesman Michael Steel says the imagery was appropriate: “The events of Sept. 11 happened. Pretending they didn’t won’t make America any safer. And ignoring the facts would be even worse.”

Yes, spoken like a man who doesn’t have anything substantive to say. The events of Sept. 11 happened? Yeah Michael, we know. Nobody’s pretending that they didn’t, but if you didn’t notice…last November people rejected a political party that based their political strategy on scaring people into voting for them.

I’m serious folks, the GOP learned absolutely nothing last fall. It’s as if they think reminding people of their fear mongering the past 7 years will somehow swing independent voters. Amazing stuff.

Moving on…

Politics New GOP Message: BOO!