I’ve heard people really laying into Biden lately, especially over his admission that he would advise his family to not travel on trains and planes, but I genuinely don’t think he’s doing such a bad job or that it’s a big deal.

Here’s the recent gaffe fest that people are focusing on. Watch the whole thing and tell me what you think. And do note the part around 2:25 where Laurer says, “This is by no means a gotcha type of question…” and then asks a question where Biden answers pretty truthfully.

Do note that he answers that question in a very straightforward, honest manner by saying, “That’s me” at the end of it. And you know what? I agree with him. If members of my family didn’t absolutely need to travel, I’d tell them to try and avoid it.

Still, the result from this?

TIME, of all publications, titled their blog post, “No Need to PANIC EVERYBODY!”, and put it under the category of “Foot-In-Mouth Disease.”

So yes, that’s an obvious attempt to paint Biden as some sort of dumb, fear mongering buffoon, but did they watch the video they embedded? Because that title or category doesn’t match the tone of what Biden said at all. I mean, not in the least.

So while many have been saying that Biden told people that they should panic, I genuinely see none of that in this. In fact, he’s embracing exactly the type of transparency and honesty we often say we want to hear from our political leaders, but when they actually do it we hammer them for it.

Good times.

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