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Torture and Secrecy


A couple nights ago, the original Post-Modern Conservative James Poulos, Scott Payne and I spent a few dozen minutes discussing torture – how our thoughts on the issue have evolved, why prosecutions and/or truth commissions aren’t such an easy call, and most importantly why the aspect of the torture program that is most troubling is the secrecy it entails. If you have some time, have a listen.

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Some of the posts/pieces we mentioned are linked here:

James’ unique take on torture at pomocon here and here, which acts as a jumping off point for the best parts of the conversation.

James and Daniel Larison’s conversation about empire linked here.

Most of my writing on the subject can be found here at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen. The most relevant of those posts is this one.

The Bacevich Globe piece is here.

And Tyler Cowen’s post opposing prosecution that James mentions can be found here.

There’s a section in the middle of the audio where we discuss the relevance of American interventionism and I turn into a blithering idiot for a few minutes. But Scott and James’ discussion on that issue is well worth the dead air I cause.