A good discussion on today’s Meet The Press…

Here’s the thing…Scarborough and Gillespie can think that conservative values still appeal to most Americans, but they need to remember what type of conservative values were fed to us over the past couple decades. Not necessarily the most positive, future forward thinking.

Also, does anybody really think that the Republican party can go green for real? Especially when there are so many in the GOP who don’t even believe that global warming exists?

And concerning social issues…Scarborough can hope that they’ll be off the table in the future, but the modern GOP wouldn’t exist without the evangelical vote. So you can try to wish those issues away all you want, but it’s unlikely that the GOP can abandon that stuff any time soon.

Still, the biggest threat to the GOP in the long run are the demographic shifts that are happening, and NONE of them favor Republicans in the coming years, so their policies have to change to address those realities.

More as it develops…

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