Look out stupid girls, Pink is coming to town for a concert on September 15 at the WaMu Theater. Yes, I know it’s not nice and probably not politically correct to imply there are “stupid girls” out there, but after helping my daughter navigate her pre-teen years through the jungle of Britney Spears and wannabees, I don’t care.

When the new millenium was still a baby, Pink hit the scene and stood out as a role model for young girls in a way most pop stars will never get. By the time the single “Stupid Girls” was released in 2006 she had cemented that position, my daughter had rejected the superficial, hypersexy and limited teen idols “they” were trying to ram down her throat, and I was eternally grateful. Even super-mega-author-star J.K Rowling said, “Stupid Girls’, is the antidote-anthem for everything I had been thinking about women and thinness.”

This new Pink tour is in support of her latest album Funhouse, released in late 2008, a venture which proves that there’s nothing static or superficial about the musician. You can read more about the album here, and scrolling to the bottom of the page will get you ticketing information for the show that starts at 7:30 pm. Maybe my daughter and I will see you at the concert.

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