First we heard about $100 million in cuts and now add another $17 billion to that total.

The drops in the bucket are getting bigger.

From Miami Herald:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama plans to unveil Thursday a fiscal 2010 budget full of details on his plans to save as much as $17 billion by cutting – and in some cases ending – 121 government programs.

The goal, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said, is “identifying and ending programs that are unneeded and don’t work.”

About half the savings would come from nondefense programs, and the rest from defense. Major cuts would include ending the Even Start program, which promotes family literacy, as well as a mine cleanup effort and the Education Department’s Paris attache.

The full list will be revealed Thursday, and it’s expected to include about 40 previously announced cuts, including the Pentagon’s bid to end production of the F-22 fighter jet program. It also will list an effort to eliminate the Resource Conservation and Development Program, which has provided such community leadership training since 1962.

Again, if this is just the start of trimming the fat, we could see much larger cuts down the road. And I’m sure most Americans would gladly give up even more government programs if it meant health care for all.

More as it develops…

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