I spent part of Cinco de Mayo yesterday taste testing margarita cupcakes at Trophy Cupcakes just so I could report back to you, dear reader. It was all for you. And if you believe that, there’s a tunnel under the Waterfront I’d like to sell you. Oh wait, never mind.

You can believe, however, that the margarita cupcakes are definitely worth a visit to Trophy (moist lime cake and a nice, subtle balance between lime, tequila and salt in the buttercream frosting, if you care about such things), but the cupcakes aren’t the only star of the show at Trophy tonight. Local artist Jessie Oleson will be holding an opening reception there from 6 pm to 8 pm during the Wallingford Art Walk.

Jessie’s paintings of anthropomorphic cupcakes visiting the Seattle sights adorn the walls of Trophy, and even if the cupcakes don’t make you smile, the paintings will. Click here for more information on Jessie and her work.

The art show runs through June 1st and the margarita cupcakes will be available until the end of May. The Wallingford Art Walk is held on the first Wednesday of every month, May through October, from 6 pm to 9 pm. And don’t worry about a little rain – they have a free shuttle to get you to the venues.

Community Wallingford Art Walk returns tonight. With cupcakes.